Meirion Repeater Group

Meirion Repeater Group is a newly established group under the umberlla of Meirion Amateur Radio Society in north Wales

In 2016 one of the local repeaters in the Cardigan Bay area GB3DW went off the air with faults. The Arfon repeater group that ran the repeater were having difficulty accessing the site due to bad weather conditions and time. This led to the repeater being off the air for some time and the Arfon Repeater Group later decided to remove GB3DW permanently.

While operating a special event station for SOS Radio week in 2017 and chatting to Derek G7LFC this got some of the members of Meirion Ars thinking (not always a good thing) GB3DW was truly missed so some of the members decided to establish Meirion Repeater Group and look at setting up a 2 meter Yaesu Fusion Repeater in the area. We spoke to some of the members of Arfon Repeater Group who have been very supportive of our plans that much so that some of them have agreed to help out with the setting up of our new repeater.

As of today 24/2/2017 it is a waiting game all the applications have gone in and we are waiting to here back about the future of the new GB3DW Analog & Digital Repeater.

please keep checking back for updates.

Update 9/3/2017

Well the waiting game is nearly over the ETCC have done there part Ofcom have completed there checks and we are now waiting for the NoV hopefully by the end of this week we should have it. We are hoping to do some propagation tests from the site to determine the perfect position for the antennas. As you may know with our terrain 1 foot left or right can make a world of difference. Then the spending and hard work starts to get GB3DW on the air as soon as we can.


The waiting game is over we have received the NoV now the hard work starts. We are hoping to get to the site over the weekend to do some preparation work and get the ball rolling with the install. We may be doing some propagation checks if we have the time so pleases listen out for us on 145.500 or 145.6625 we would appreciate as many true signal reports we can get to get a idea of the true coverage.