GB3DW Update 4/5/2020

During our isolation we have been doing some more work on the new GB3DW repeater. We are pleased to say that things are looking good we have GB3DW temporarily set up running low power and small antennas from Tal Y Bont.

We will be leaving it running on test from this location before moving it to its new permanent home it is also connected to Echolink.

Some operating info:

  • TX 145.6625
  • RX 145.0625
  • CTCSS 110.9
  • Echolink Node No: 512083
  • K tone

Parrot Feature records and plays back your transmission

  • To use Parrot: Ptt 1# (you will here parrot mode enabled)
  • Talk in to the repeater you should here your transmission played back
  • Disable Parrot mode: Ptt #

Echilonk Via RF

  • To enable Echolink: Ptt 2# (you will hear Echolink Enabled)
  • To connect to someone: Ptt and key in node number ie 973498 M0HOY-L Hubnet
  • Disconect: Ptt #

Echolink will automatically disconnect if nothing is heard for 10 minuets.

Please try and get in to the repeater and use it so we can monitor its behaviour before relocating it to its new site.

Email any reports or feedback to

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