The all new GB3DW repeater is a analog and digital repeater using the Yaesu System Fusion

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The callsign has now been taken over buy the Meirion Repeater Group after the old GB3DW repeater was closed down by the Arfon Repeater Group in 2016. As such we have found a new location for the repeater and we hope it will serve the Cardigan Bay and Llyn Peninsular as well as it did for many years.

Repeater Information

  • Yaesu DR-1 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM
  • TX 145.662.5
  • RX 145.062.5
  • CTCSS 110.9 (NO 1750 TONE BURST)
  •  At the moment there is NO K tone to say you are getting in to the repeater if you here the i-dent pleases put out a call and see what happens

    GB3DW Repeater Basic Setup Filters Made By Pat GW6IMS

    View from near the new GB3DW site

Coverage Map

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