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The RSGB’s web-hosting service for clubs will be closing down for good on 29 March 2018 when the hosting company we use discontinue their services

We emailed clubs using the service on 6 January 2016 to explain our plans and to give them sufficient notice to arrange a different way of hosting their club website.

Only a small number of clubs still use, which now requires extensive redevelopment to bring it up to modern web design standards.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but hope that having two years’ notice will have helped clubs that are affected to have put something else in place.

If your club is still operating a website please read the Q&A below—this provides guidance on how to migrate a website and how to contact us for further help and advice.

We have found a cracking deal being hosted by G7LFC Technology & Amateur Radio take a look.

Web site hosting for amateur radio operators and clubs

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