Repeaters GB3DW – GB3GW

GB3DW has now been on the air for over 12 months it hasn’t been connected to the internet so it has been working as a stand alone repeater. We have had some positive feedback about the repeater being back on the air over the past 12 months the only thing we did notice was it did not cover everywhere we where hoping it would.

We have been in talks with many people over the lasts 12 month trying to find a new home for GB3DW to try and increase the coverage and to gain access to a fast stable internet connection. All the hard work has paid off we have found a new location where we believe it should increase the coverage and we have access to fiber broadband.

Meirion Repeater Group have also been busy applying for a 70cm repeater the NoV and vetting are all done the call sing is GB3GW. It has taken some time to get everything sorted but we are now there the next phase is to get all the equipment together and get the repeater installed and up and running.

Our plan is to move GB3DW to the new location get it up and running with the fusion connected and see how the coverage is compared to its current location. If all is well with GB3DW at its new location we will go ahead and get GB3GW installed at the same location.

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