Terms and Conditions

Please note the following important points .


You agree to your advert being advertised for 30 day’s

You agree to your details being held on a secure data base.

You agree that your details are correct and are not misleading or evasive in any way.

You agree to be honest and fair with your description in your advert.

You agree that your advert will only include appropriate content.

You agree to not using inappropriate or threatening language in your advert.

You agree that your images are decent.

You agree to using the internal private message system with appropriate language member to member.

You agree that you will monitor your private messages and deal with them accordingly.

You agree that Meirion ARS is not responsible for your conduct, actions, equipment and advert content.

You agree to resolve your own issues you may have with the member advertiser when you are buying/selling or exchanging.

You agree that you will not involve Meirion ARS, or it’s Members in your private transactions.

You agree that we reserve the right to edit or delete your advert where and when necessary.

You agree to manage your own advert performance, edit or delete if not required and that you will not involve Meirion ARS in any part of your transaction.

You agree that Meirion ARS may edit, add or delete our terms and conditions as and when appropriate.

All transactions made are purely between the seller and buyer. The site holders do not accept any responsibility from any loss or damage or harm incurred to any part as a result of using this platform to trade.

The site is purely a platform and facility provided free of charge which enables members to contact and trade with one another.

Meirion ARS suggests members protect their own interests by establishing safe trading practices as follows.

If possible conduct the transaction in person thereby each party can inspect/demonstrate the goods for sale/exchange as being suitable for them.

If posting is involved use an insured service tracked requiring a signature upon receipt.

Payment should never be by cash in the post as this is contrary to most postal/courier systems and is not trackable.

Use paypal cheque or direct Payment to a bank account and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the other party and the details provided by them.

Meirion ARS do not guarantee any transaction between other parties and do not endorse or underwrite any member of this site.

Meirion ARS will not get involved in disputes, arising between members.

The Data Protection Act will be respected and no personal data will be disclosed to any third party unless in accordance with the act. Details of one member will NOT be provide to other member(s) for any reason. All requests for personal data must be from a law enforcement or other legal authority (e.g, A Court order)

Lawful requests for provision of data by Law Enforcement agencies in accordance with the DPA within the UK will be given and all investigations by law enforcement agencies within the UK will be supported and full cooperation will be given to such agencies.

Thank You.