Meirion Raynet Group

Meirion Raynet Group was established in 2009 by the members of Meirion Armature Radio Society it was established to provide emergency communications in and around Meirionnydd. Since then the group has had grate successes and now has a regular diary of events they cover year after year these can be found in the events calendar.

For more information about Meirion Raynet Group or to join the group click HERE

Louis Martin2W0LGGDeputy
Bob Hughes-BurtonMW0RHDRegistrations
Chris Wadsworth2W0LLLMember
Peter BrookesGW0DFKMember
Janet GriffithGW0UKFMember
Richard AmesonGW1URDMember
Dulyn DaviesMW0WYNMember
Tudur JonesMW1BKMMember
Max HeronMW1KDPMember
Stephen Hughes-BurtonMW3CYUMember
Gareth RoundMW6PYHMember
Mike SuddabyMW6WMWMember
Nick EvansGW6EWXMember
Rob Hughes-BurtonMW6RHDMember